Object deformation monitoring systems

Actual information about the signs of the deformation and the part shifts relatedly the projected position as well as the mobility of parts of the construction is very important for the construction and exploitation of the very high buildings and the potentially dangerous objects such as bridges, towers, dams. The development of the GNSS precession differential technologies gave the new effective instrument for the systems of the permanent monitoring of the space position of the infrastructure parts.

In addition to the real time information about the monitored object the system allows to estimate the elasticity of the deformation, watch the parts of the object shifts in dynamic (day and season cycles), to compare these data with the data received with help of the other instrumental measurements.

The main system functions are the following:

  • Primary GNSS sensors data collection and processing (in the real time mode and the long term monitoring); automatic definition of the absolute and mutual shifts of the markers at the monitored object (points where the GNSS sensors are installed);
  • Producing the information about the real technical condition of the object such as declination from the vertical axis, shift of the base construction, mutual shifts of the construction parts, construction shift related to the ground level, increasing of the splits dimensions;
  • Evaluation of the periodical and season shifts of the construction parts;
  • Evaluation and forecast of the technical condition of the monitored object and of its parts based on the data received from the GNSS sensors and other data received from the physical measurements;
  • Prediction of the possible disasters at the monitored object, generation and sending the alarm messages about the dangerous condition of the object or its parts to the Control Center or Remote Consoles; visual real time presentation (numeric, graphical, mnemonic) of the object condition at the Control Center or at the Remote Consoles;
  • Monitoring log.

Typical set of equipment for the small system for the object deformation monitoring:

  • 2-6& GNSS sensors (one or more is assigned like a base one and is installed at the static base);
  • Processor module for the precession navigation (it works like a system server);
  • Operator workstation + software;
  • Communication and the power supply means.

Depending on the topology of the monitored object wire lines or radio links can be used between the parts of the system.


Typical accuracy of the sensors mutual position definition:

  • In the real time: 5-10 mm;
  • In the quasi-static mode: 2-4 mm.