Satellite Compass

Software “Satellite Compass” controls the system for the object space orientation with the help of the GNSS signals from GLONASS, GPS, Galileo satellites using high accuracy phase technologies.

SW receives the data from the Satellite Compass FK2 or FK3 unit and provides the following:

  • To receive the data from the Satellite Compass and to decode them accordingly to the set protocol;
  • To control the system operation mode;
  • To present in the real time in the graphical, mnemonic and numeric mode in the given co-ordinate system the object orientation parameters, its trajectory and speed;
  • To monitor the satellite situation at the antennas positions;
  • To analyze automatically the current satellite situation and the possible influence of the external factors; to provide the automatic diagnostic of all the system HW/SW;
  • To keep the log;
  • To keep the monitoring archives in the text and the binary form and to play them upon the request;
  • To up-grade the processor SW remotely.