The “Farwater-K3X-mini” object spatial orientation sensor is designed for round-the-clock all-weather determination of the current coordinates, course, roll and trim, time and speed vector based on the radio signals of the global navigation satellite systems GLONASS, GPS, and Galileo, which are open to consumers.

Technical data:

The average square error of determining the current values of navigation parameters with fully deployed GNSS (in the absence of selective access to the signal) and no shadowing, no more than:

1. current coordinates:

  • GNSS GPS/GLONASS/Galileo   5 m;
  • GNSS with SBAS    2 m;
  • DGNSS   1,5 m

2. height:

  • GNSS GPS/GLONASS/Galileo  4 m;
  • GNSS with SBAS  3 m;
  • DGNSS  3 m;

3. time 100 ns;

4. speed 0,02 m/s;

5. spatial orientation angles:

  • course  0,2°/R (where R is the distance between the antennas, m);
  • roll and trim  0,4°/R 



Communication protocol – TTL UART 3,3 V

Text protocol – NMEA-0183, BINR.

Power requirement (max) < 2,5 Wt
Power supply

3,3  V, 500 mA

Overall dimensions

90×40×16,5 mm


0,035 kg