Space Orientation Systems for the Mobile objects.

Sensor for the Space Orientation (Satellite Compass) Farwater-K2, Farwater K-3 (FK2, FK3).

Sensor of the space orientation FK3 (FK2) receives GNSS signals from GLONASS, GPS and Galileo in L1 band, and produces real time parameters of the space orientation (course, list/roll, trim; FK2 – only course) with the precession accuracy. They also produce movement parameters (co-ordinates, speed) with the standard accuracy. FK2 and FK3 contain 2 or 3 inbuilt GNSS receivers accordingly and the appropriate number of the external antennas. They also contain processor unit which produces output data based on the primary measuring information from the internal receivers. Antennas may be installed at the object in any suitable points, but the accuracy of the angle definition depends on the distance between antennas (The bigger distance – the higher accuracy). In the same time it’s necessary to follow the technical recommendation for the antenna installation described in the manual.

The main technical characteristics:

Number of GNSS receivers: – FK2




Course accuracy (FK2, FK3)


(L- distance between the antennas, m)

List/roll, trim accuracy (FK3)


(L- distance between the antennas, m)

Co-ordinate accuracy

3-5 m

Speed accuracy

0,05 m/s

Power Supply

9-30  VDC

Power Consumption

< 5 Wt

Wake-up time:-  Cold start-  Warm start

– Hot start

– Orientation angles solution

90 s

50 s

10 s

120 s

Solution output frequency

1 – 10 Hz

Dimensions:- Main Unit- GNSS antenna

135×86×36 mm

Ø 67 mm, H – 15 mm

Weight:- Main Unit- GNSS antenna

0,3 kg

0,15 kg