Company Farwater offers the solutions based on the high accuracy differential GNSS technologies. Our SW and SW/HW modules form a basis for different applications which require:

  • To define the object space orientation (course, list/roll, trim) with the high accuracy;
  • To define the object movement parameters with the centimeter and better accuracy and to control the movement of such an object;
  • To monitor the space position of the quasi-static object with the precession accuracy (buildings, infrastructure).

Modularity of our navigation/information systems provides easy system up-grade and expansion as well as the flexibility in the system planning and its integration with other systems and complexes. Basic solutions can be easy adjusted to the customer requirements according to the certain number of the monitored objects, number of the GNSS receivers and antennas, available wire lines or links, kind of the required output data.

We offer the following services:

  • Consulting (GNSS technologies, selecting the HW/SW solutions);
  • Design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the GNSS technologies based systems;
  • Technical support, service and up-grade of the supplied systems;
  • Support in design and research in the satellite navigation area.